First half of Goat Traverse from Wendell -see summitpost for summary TRFrom Yam-Goat col some spring.Middle section - Goat to Unnamed - shows bypass ledges and raps- hi res at SummitpostGoat traverse - Middle section from South on UnnamedLooking North back at Goat and middle section.East face of Unnamed from below YamDiscusses rapell options and bypass ledges.Whole ridge overviewP8280179Went to far right side - up gully. Angle back and forth At top did the left of three groove options.Bottom of gullyGulley had a couple 5.3/5.4 moves in it.P8280194Left groove of 3 choices.last part above Kevin was steeper and 5.3Shows proper angle/steepnessP8280199From colgroove we came up - 5.2/5.3Rap bolts were 15 m RH in another groove.Topped out 15 m climbers left of Kevin's previous climb.Peak 1Back side of Yam