Thompson - pic from a previous trip.Thompson summit is to the right of Bow falls and is the right of these two bumps.Thompson from Rondda South on Feb 22/09 - less snow. About 430 m from base at glacier.Kevin and Wietse on Summit of Thompson(3065 m - 10,000 ft)Num-ti-jah lodge and bow lake from summitP3120174Rondda South and HabelLots of cloud and snow blowing around with the windHabel - shows route up.Jimmy SimpsonSaint Nicholas, Olive and Balfour in the clouds.Looks like we are in a plane.Vern and Wietse checking the other bump for height.Vern and Wietse - Baker in the clouds to left.Wietse heading down.The moat feature is visible on west side of the base of Thompson. See route report on Bivoauc.Kevin and Vern.Check out cloud dome over balfour - windy.P3120206-1Peyto hut and area.Closeup on Peyto Hut.Thompson from down on glacier.Wide angle makes it look flat but 430 m from base to top.Slogging back.Wietse, Kevin and Vern with Gordon in clouds. Windy.Rhondda S and Habel in blowing cloud.