Stanley Glacier trail and valley.Go up rocky gulley to small snow and then right on scree towards col.Tele of ramp/ledges leading up to col.Looking back at valley from part way to col.Mt Ball North Face and Beatrice from col.P8060012From col - Looking up from at first peak(tower)which we climbed by gullies and ledges.Col to left. North end of East/NE ridge shows first peak we climbed on left and snow gulley we came down. Was icy.P8060050Tower on east ridge.Topped out on this tower. Nice bivy corral. Downclimbed this side on left.looking down snow ice gulley. Would be fourth class if dry but very loose.Looking down on col from peak # 1.Bivy corral on peak #1ballpan1Next peak(#2) - went across top of snow and up left side.Two climbers were topping out on the north face as we went by about 6 AM - midnight start?ballpan2From Peak #2 looking at Peak#3 and Peak #4(flat top) which is the east outlier of Stanley.From peak # 2stanleypan1East ridge of stanley from col.Looking back up at peak #1 on left and snow/ice gulley we descended