Dolomite Circuit track - unrushed but steady pace with trailbreaking and several lunch stops - just over 8 hours. 18 kms and over 700 m total elev.Dolomite Circuit track2I waypointed anything significant.Dolomite Circuit - Some Avi risk from West slopes of Dolomite at Bench.Bench- we stayed up on left bank in trees to avoid avi slopes on right of creek/drainage. descent point- we crossed over creek onAlpine club trip - coming over the first part of the ridge after coming out of the trees. Good track to this point and then we had to break trail from here.Looking back at the valley we came up.Calvin. Some pictures were lightened and contrast adjusted.Dolomite - Scott.Looking at notch in rocky shoulder - high point in crossing of ridge.Some AVI Risk - We traversed one at a time left to right above the little tree across and then up just to right of big rocks(notch)If conditions permit you can go left up ridge to get a better ski run down to lake.Me on ridge or somewhere on way down to Katherine lake.Great ski run somewhere in the fog to viewers right.Crossing Katherine Lake towards big rocks. Very windy out in the open.Lunch at last rock cafe.Everyone trying to stay out of the wind behind a big hunk of Dolomite.Breaking trail up to the pass which is slightly to the left.DSC03292_1P1260042_1_005Looking back right at pass.P1260045The pass with color and contrast adjusted.P1260046P1260047Looking down the gully.