P9090410 (Large)downclimbing - exploring alternate down routesDSC09945_v1 (Large)Happy Canada DayDave on upper snow- Ptarmigan descentPtarmigan ridge -Me leading the downclimb into notch - great pic - thanks Alison.Opal North with Alan KaneOpal N - Ramp on West sideThree sistersLady Mac - Initial Summit RidgeGalwey - summit - scramble rout up other side.Prairie Bluff -Going down the drainage to slide on some old snow.Dave 5P4220098 (Large)Anklebiter ridge -Lots of snow after first summitLoderChain Lakes - lots of ice fishingartistic shot of wietse and me as we come across lake. Used our micro spikesZephyr Creek Hills Went over 7? false summits on ridge.wolverine-ridge-031