Bell NE Ridge from Castle Junction - we bailed mid ridge as the storms rolled through.Scotts picWest had some clouds but serious storms compared to forecast. Scott's pic.Walked into O'Brien Lake and up Avi pathEarly part of ridge - Scotts pic.Cut right to ridge at tree line. Next time I will try access ridge notch from Taylor lake side.P8060002P8060004Bell col - Gully/ Couloir to O'Brian lake valley- need to descend this on way back. I would rather ski it in winter.Gully- couloir - Supposed to great ski run - Scott's pic.Taylor Lake below us.Had to jog to the left on one steep step - Scotts pic.P8060006P1050389Top quality rock - good climbing to 5.3 but needs to be dryP8060010High point before big step - had to lighten pic as first storm coming at us. 300 m and 2 hrs to top but lightning.The Quartzite got really slick when wet. Hid under an overhang to avoid hail and lightning and bailed down a grassy ramp.Bell NE Ridge Bailoff Route - Picture from 2008Half way down grassy rampP8060014