Attempt on Ball by E ridge of stanley. Hike to end of valley and access ridge by snow gully.Enlarged view of east ridge. From left/east end- shows col, tower, snow gully, bump, notch and high point of ridge.Ball-Beatrice-E Stanley Ridge and Stanley NF pic by Sonny Bou -tks.Pan of ESE ridge from Beatrice - courtesy of Dave SalahubWatch output - 1700 m gain - 14 hrs RT.Note really need to do this as two day by bivi in stanley valley and start early. Total elevation gain will be 2200 to 2300 m.Fred Becky in a bivy sack - did not want to wake him.East end of Stanley valley -different trip. went left up drainage to snow then right on scree to colUp snow on left to wall then trail on scree/snow up to col.(pic from diff day)Coming up the end of valley towards col.Snow gully access to ridge.P7180003P7180005Ball and glacier below Beatrice NFKevin - top of couloir. Tower behind - Gary and I climbed in 2006 from col. Great bivy on top.Tower from col in 2006 - Looking up from col at first peak(tower)which we climbed by gullies, ledges and then straight up ridge..P7180009P1000560P1000562P7180010P7180011