Wietse and I decided to try this in reverse of Chic Scott tripFollowed old broke trail - okay up trail but probably not best down route.Not quite where I thought we would go but worked out and get to ski down sunshine.Went all the way to pass and then switch up a boulder slope into dense steep treesUpper part of trip from Wawa ridge.Sunshine to Simpson Pass Area 1.JPGFrom Healy pass feb/2011Healy Creek Trail - These are all Wietse's Pics - ThanksP1000291P1000297P1000299P1000309P1000310Went left on old trail at Simpson Pass trail sign by bridge.P1000325By Simpson Pass - looking up at cliffs and boulder field Note this split rock outcrop.Steeper than it looks - need skinsTrail went left and switched up through trees - gives better view of angleSuspect down route comes in from right. saw some old tracks.P1000330P1000334Topped out after steep slopes and heavy trees. Twin Cairns to right.Ski down route probably in a drainage to right?