Turret route1- crop from a Vern pic.  Direct from Lake - 9 km RT 900 mCrop from a So pic-2250 m -base first Rockband find game trail leads left around initially down to find break in RBBlueberry hill -Turret - Follow lake trail 100 yards to open area and cross to find faint trail up - keep drainage on rightIndefatigableAt 2250 hit RB -find game trail -see below and left. - follow around.P7010254 (Large)Rockband die out and head up.Up drainage beside/50m below Blueberry ridge(edge of sun), past open spots -aim for left shoulder.P7010260 (Large)Rawson lake and ridgeFoxCanada DayP7010267 (Large)FochFoxFoxP7010271 (Large)P7010276 (Large)P7010277 (Large)Sarrail