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Cameron LakeTrail from Cameron Lake - 21 km and 1250 m RT to top AldersonDSC09793_v1 (Large)DSC09799_v1 (Large)DSC09800_v1 (Large)DSC09801_v1 (Large)DSC09804_v1 (Large)P8260398 (Large)Alderson from colDSC09805_v1 (Large)Beside first downclimb - went left and downLooking back at first downclimb - see guys on RH side.DSC09815_v1 (Large)DSC09817_v1 (Large)Second downclimb - easy scramble - lots of cairns and trail - not on crest.DSC09823_v1 (Large)DSC09826_v1 (Large)P8260385 (Large)P8260383 (Large)P8260384 (Large)