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From highwaytelephoto of avi path - take RH fork near top as it is easiest to go to RH end of slabs to get on ridge. The slabs are brittle, rotten, broken smooth shales and should be avoided unless bone dry.There have been various stories of bear encounters in this area and we saw the largest grizzly scat that I have ever seen here.P7170132wet and muddy so we went to east-right end.our pic pan of ridge above us - west to east#2#3#4 - we got on with minimal screeridge crest - really broken rockFrom summit -We traversed along edge of grass/scree lineLooking down avi path from summit. You can see the climber RH fork(viewer left) that we took.A lot of deadfall and mess to access BallBall valley with hanging glacierP7170112_1Beatrice, ridge, high point and Ball in the clouds. Scramble comes out on ridge to right of beatriceNo easy/dry scramble up Stanley at this date.