Zenfolio | Bill Kerr | Maze Peak May 25

Maze Peak in Ya Ha Tinda area.Gained the RH shoulder of ridge - parked just to right of Kevins heaAim right as straight up is dinner plates over broken rock.Much better footing as reach ridge.Up ridge on left - peak is upper rightP5250176 (Large)P5250182 (Large)P5250183 (Large)P5250185 (Large)P5250187 (Large)P5250189 (Large)P5250191 (Large)P5250193 (Large)P5250195 (Large)P5250198 (Large)Took most interesting scramble line on all rock for max fun.P5250201 (Large)P5250206 (Large)West peak on leftP5250211 (Large)Looking back at saddle