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Pika -Ptarmigan on way in.  Snow was 3 -4 ft deep in trees and good coverage on trail to Skoki.Ski up ski out and continue on above lodge on marked traiHeading across Ptarmigan lake with Deception pass and Fossil in center of PicIMGP2740PC210003Looks like frozen scree but - 22 C and a stiff wind lowered the fun to misey index below acceptable limits so we turned around. The snow gully to the right is the notorious avalanche gully which has cMet some snowshoers coming from Skoki and kevin knew one couple.This raven was a world class mooch. He must live off handouts from skoki guessts because he is trained.The end of Richardson ridge has some steep skiing but would be dangerous right now.Some of the lightly treed runs had been skied but lots hanging above them. The ski area was bombing the backside and the bowl all morning.Upper part of Ptarmigan in summer.Closeup of Ptarmigan. Foreshortened by the tele. Note big rock in foreground and compare to pic from Lipalian.Ptarmigan from Lipalian winter 06/07Note big rock at edge of tree line for perspective on length of the slope.tarmigan - the avalanche rating was considerable and Lake Louise was bombing the backside all morning so we only looked.