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red at Blanket Glacier.We will miss him.Sixty seven and on top of the Big Apple. A shining example for us all.2004_02_29blanket_0232004_02_29blanket_0332004_02_29blanket_037Mark, me, Fred and Les.2004-Mark, Les, Fred and me. Blanket Peak and Glacier behind.Blanket peak on horizon. Cabin on lake below. Tracks on the glacier below Blanket peak are visible.2004_03_01blanket_056Big Apple from col.2004_03_01blanket_0692004_03_01blanket_069_12004_03_01blanket_118_12004_03_01blanket_1192004_03_01blanket_1372004_03_01blanket_142Tracks on Glacier 03. Fred is top skier.DSC_0002DSC_0086DSC_0086_1