Zenfolio | Bill Kerr | Bell NE Ridge 5.3 Aug26/2011

Mount Bell NE Ridge - Wietse's pic -from Taylor lake trail junction bushwack to ridge to left of 1st rock bump Saves an hour vs O'Brian lake approachNote good views of steps on ridge and the Couloir dUp dirty poor scree in larches - foggy lensP8260075P8260076P8260077P8260078P8260079Ugly steep wet 5.6 gully we did not take - has snow at base in first picP8260085ski slopes on side ridge of Panorama ridgeP8260083Came out of trees to right of grey screeP8260082Scott in front of big step - we were chased off here by lightning and rain/hail on previous attemptNote there is a escape gully and ramp off the left side at this point if need. See 2010 attemptP8260087P8260088P8260089P8260090P8260091Bell Summit with snow patch - went to right of tower above scott's head on ledge