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From Brett - want to go right through trees for 1 hr over to correct avi path - pinnacle left of XCorrect gully has wall on right with trees on top and is grassy then left into upper bowl with ledgy rock.Down route on left and Kane's PinnacleGo right through trees for 45 - 60 min to correct avi path. Not "immediately" beside pinnacleApproaching correct gully - see wall with trees on right.Correct avi path - longest biggest one. NEW BOOK - CROSS STREAM AND GO DIRECT UP PATHWe angled right and then along left side to snow patches - do not go up left too earlyP7010006Head up left near here - we went higher and then traversed left to get into upper bowl.P7010008After traversing into upper bowlUpper bowl from roadP7010011P7010012P7010014Ridge - aiming for right side of corniceSummit 200 m to northCastleShadow lake and BallP7010017Storm