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Busy park lot. Kevin Papke, Gary and myself. Met TJ who joined us and Raff and Vitto, who were doing an overnight.Also met Andrew and Mark at Bow hut on their way to do Rhonda on snowshoes.Cool and clear but the sun warmed things up fast.IMGP3174IMGP3175mt_gordon_April08_002IMGP3182IMGP3184IMGP3185Big groups going in with overnight packs to Bow Hut and Peyto.The new snow made it an easy trip in but on the way out it was as icy and fast.mt_gordon_April08_005Out of creek and side slope in treesTJ and IIMGP3195Bow Hut below St. NickTj and I scouting a ski line.From the headwall just below hut.Just above hutLooking back down towards hut.IMGP3200Main summit of Gordon on right with actual summit hidden. Travel around to right of rock outcrop.