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Begbie from East near airport - see ledge and skyline ridge.BegbieOn approach ridge. Jack Knife Butte just left of Dave.Dave looking back at approach ridge.20190615_123526 (Large)326 copy (Large)20190618_115803 (Large)See cairn to left of KevP7010188_v1 (Large)Me on return fron Sunshine LandingMark and me.IMG_0594 (Large)Kev climbing2 (Large)Pam and Toffee at Grassi LakesKev, mable , Toffee and I on Ranger HillSpray Lakes Dec7 (Large)Spoon Needle South summit from road20211008_131318 (2) (Large)Knife edge before South Summit20211008_130216 (2) (Large)