Zenfolio | Bill Kerr | Wiwaxy East Peak Towers Scramble - Yoho July 2016

Wiwaxy West, East and HuberWiwaxy East Peak Yoho Routes - went below first buttressWiwaxy East Peak -can see some of trail to colWiwaxy Peaks West and EastWiwaxy route from SchafferWiwaxy from Yukness-Target for Day 2Wiwaxy East Peak Tower #1  and col from alpine ledge route from Abbot pass hut.Day 2 - down from Abbot and up high alpine trail to Wiwaxy gap/col and up Wiwaxy East. Wietse as we cross over ridge and look at upper towers.Wiwaxy upper Towers Route2Looking back at upper bowlTower #3 - passed - had visible rap rings and was lower.Wiwaxy Route on West side of #2Wiwaxy route off #2 to #1Wiwaxy Route on #1Wietse on top. Cathedral in back ground which we did several years ago.Came up Alpine route from Lake Oesa to col.See the bus?Wietse - good form on way down #2P7290074 (Large)From bus stop.