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Cavell trail map- climber trail comes off first switch - in between trees and moraine - see next picsTrail comes off first switch and in gully beside moraine and past two snow patches.trail on left past snow in check shape- better than top of moraine as no elev loss and stable rock.trail switches up left side bowl then angles to colLooking back at col. Came out slightly above col but better than hard snow ice and loose talus/scree on straight up.Lower ridge from col - went up right of gully and crossed over just below snow trianglePoor quality pic - went up on right and crossed below snow on ridge. Most went over snow.Lower ridge picJust after crossed to left of gully - went up along right of pic and then up to regain ridgeNote guys up near topP9140008The ridge has two steeper steps. The lower angle sections have the small snow drifts/patches on the right side.The first step is between the 2nd and third snow patches - next the main steep section(dark shade right side)- second step - 5.3 section 45m - above is 7 -8 moderate stepsP9140012Base of ridgeP9140014Upper ridge - see first 30 m step and main 50 m step- not my pic- shows angle betterCrop from a Sonny Bou pic! - thanksP9140015P9140016From top of first step - some lower angle then steep second step 5.3P9140018