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We hate sidehilling scree up and down over drainages so we went along trail to 4th avalanche path and then went up the reasonably solid rock in the drainage which leads directly to the 3/4 gulley. OneUse drainage or LH ridge to 3/4 gulley. TR  at summitpostCloseup of drainage up to 3/4 gulley. See white streak leading to base of gulley which can be seen in left of pic # 4.Lower part of drainage. some small rockbands but easy.From base of summit rockLooking up gulley between 3 and 4. When gulley splits take RH# 4 from base of 3 - went around leaning tower on ledge below yellow bands to gulley.Went across at ledge below yellow bandWent along this ledge and around corner - see cairn at RH edge of pic - small downclimb to access gulley which angles up and left to top where took pic of Gary downclimbing.Moderate climb at topTop of 4BalfourHector, Assiniboine, Temple etc in haze and Tower 5.Panorama of summer trail to Helen Lake/Dolomite pass/Cirque Peak.Lyalls, white pyramid, chephen, cirque, observationTemple, Lefroy, victoria, etc.Three from 4 - to climb 3 go left across base to a gulley( not visible)Coming off 4. Never actually hard but really had to be careful what you touched or stood on.P7190117Looking back at 4 from 3