Zenfolio | Bill Kerr | Unity Mountain June 17, 2017

Purple and unity loopWent up north most ski run to gain wolverine ridge at the notch.DSC09082-1 (Large)DSC09084-1 (Large)DSC09085 (Large)Purple Bowl from Notch on Wolverine ridgeLipalianLooking back at headwall and larch ski runs. Used ski exit track to hike to notch. see next two pics.from 2012From Larch winter 2012 - if go up to Purple peak and ski down bowl toward Larch need to avoid headwall.2012 Purple bowl ski exit to Larch runs- AVI RISK!- see ski tracks alongside red line on side of wolverine ridge.Purple bowl - have held the powder 8 championship here. great skiing if stable.P6170190 (Large)Upper wolverine ridge looking back at notch and dirt slopes we came up.Purple peak - too much snow to cut across to unity so went up and over purple.UnityUnity and the pinnacle on ridge from Purple. Went around RH of pinnacle in snow.Temple and Aemmer couloir - crop of a Wietse pic.DSC09104-1 (2) (Large)Looking back at purpleUpper wolverine ridge