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Blanket Peak and front of glacier from Caribou ridge. (combine with next pic)West end of glacier from Caribou ridge. Follow ridge around to right to access glacier.Working our way up onto the west end of the glacierP2280086P2280090Looking back west from near base of summit block.Two endangered woodland caribou using our trail.Blanket peak from cabin with caribou ridge in front.P3030105Topping out on Caribou ridge. Cabin is on far side of lake down in valley.Top of Caribou ridge looking up at Blanket Peak and glacier.P3030138Front of glacier.First part of run off caribou. Steeper than it looks here.Second part of run. steeper than it looks. and then traverse a flat spot and make run through trees to lake.P3030164Blanket summit block from West.Looking North at Big Apple, English and BegbieBegbie is just SW of Revelstoke.Looking South at Cranberry, Thor and FosthallP3060274