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Just after exiting trees on the approach ridge.South Canyon Creek - 5 or 6? km of creek bed to here.Mount BryantPB110333Descent ridgeRockband on descent ridge - moderate at most with snow on it.Summit is in middle and false peak to right. Highpoint to left has visible bypass trail along right side.That left highpoint is start of descent ridge.At edge of false peak. highpoint to right is one we bypassed on trail and is start of descent ridge.I took no pics from here to summit and down since it was full blizzard/high winds.Coming back down off false summit and snow blizzard has stopped.Storm just passing by and views of summit - there was small amount of scrambling on summit ridge.First bump on descent ridgePB110346Summit - small pinnacle in saddle is also visiblePB110349PB110350Summit as it clears upPB110352Lower part of descent ridge - shows rockband in middle. Note rock slabs at ridge toe in lower left.PB110354