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McGillivray from part way up ridgeRidgeThe_Approachone scramble route sidehills scree to gain ridge ar righthand side of pic.we went left because it would be more direct access to ridge, less scree and only 5.3(actually seemed harder at rope)Climb routeThe infamous old rope and groove. Steeper than it looks and smoother.After 1st highpoint along ridge with 2nd highpoint and main summit in view. Un-named peak with snow in bakground. Note angle of rock to east(left) down into Heart Creek valley although there were poteNakiska in distancelooking back along ridge - 1st summit in shade. I think scramble route comes up scree to first summit.from near summit - Yam in the sun.Final 75 m is most fun.All four peaks of Lougheed - second from right is highest.Windtower and rimwallLooking back at main summit - we should have stuck to ridge on way back until after 1st summit as we had to regain ridge.Main summit. scramble access from south(Skogan pass)comes into a bowl on farside of peak and then up scree and ledges to RH shoulder of peakNo easy access from the valley to west - The trail from Skogan pass would come through the trees in the sun and then east(left) into a bowl behind the peak.Near the north end of ridge looking south. Scramble route has to go up scree slopes to ridge.mcgillivray2