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Compression_approach_routes2We decided to do a 3/4 of compression loop and come back to same park lot as per Bob Spirko versus full kane route.Decided to add the Nahahi highpoint - Looking SE along Nahahi from highpoint at north endBanded, Glasgow, Outlaw and Cornwall. The "cornpatch" snow slope on Cornwall still looks skiable.Came off ridge by final treed gully which is basically end of main scrambling.Mount HowardFisher from a different angle. Summit ridge- downclimbs are visible.IMGP3473IMGP3474We went up to the right on closest grey ridge with trees in bottom of photo.Up ridge in shadow - came out near top of Nahahi.IMGP3483First window.IMGP3489Came down here so we could go back to same park lot.Keith, Roy, Vern and KevinIMGP3498