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North Fork of Upper Canyon Creek on our way up easy slopes to GR 427439 which is about 650 m and 5 km from trailhead.PB020222GR 436425Looking South to GR 436425 and Compression ridge. Howard way off to right. Went down to the col in lower left GR 434429 and off the East side.MooseWe went back by going to a col, left down the bare ridge and then linking up these cutblocks versus going back by the creek. Car parked by curve in road in right of pic.Jumpingpound ridgeFrom top of GR 427439. This and next 4 are panning left from Tiara. GR 409435 on left and GR 412443 is just left of Tiara.BryantPB020231GR 409435 on right.TiaraHoward and a snow storm coming in.