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Leave bike trail at wide gravel drainage at -114.970 50.769 Cross river  go up drainage. Bypass waterfalls on RH side. gnore left fork.Romulus_shortcut_route_1 - Best way to go if it is dry. Most distance on bikes. The drainage would be harder in deep snow or with water in the spring.Picture by Kevin Altheim from Bivouac - the original ascent guys went up the ridge but less time on the bikes and lots of sidehill.Romulus_shortcut_ramp_route1route does go up ramp but cuts back left at end and comes up cleft to left of arrow.Romulus_shortcut_upper_ramps_route2 After come around corner from top of ramp go up to a ledge which leads to the yellow scree gully. It tops out on the upper ramp (cairn - Roy/Kerry).oct_kev_s_camera_040Ignore left forksoct_kev_s_camera_041oct_kev_s_camera_042Moving over to the drainage. Note the yellow bands on the wall and greenery on top of the wall.Note yellow bands on wall. The ramp is invisible at this point but the red bushes are on the edge. Note how smooth the rock in the drainage is and it has some gravel on it in places.We came up along the LH climbers side of the last strip of trees and then came over to the smooth rock in the drainage. A few steps had some moderate scrambling moves.Big ramp - we travelled along the base of the rock slabs and then around the corner. Up 20-30 feet up the slabs and along a ledge which lead to the bottom of a LH scree gully/ramp which lead up to theCame up gully exit below Kevin. Note true angle of rock bands to left side of picture. Best to go back down drainage gully. We played around on these rock bands but to no advantage.Looking back from the ramp. We came up the yellow groove below Kevin.Note yellow bands and greenery on top.oct_kev_s_camera_047oct_kev_s_camera_049oct_kev_s_camera_051