Zenfolio | Bill Kerr | GR 409435 North Canyon Creek

409435 - along drainage to trees - up LH ridge facing camera. from 427439 in 2010. see 5th pic for reverse angle.Gary H. on GR409435 - Tiara in background.GR412443 Daffern route comes to the col and then up N ridge.Ridge between 412443 and 427439 is scramble due to rock formations and slabsCame up creekbed to trees then followed ridge to top. loose in places. GR427439 and Moose behind.PB050009 (Custom)PB050010 (Custom)Bryant annd Fisher to rightBryant ascent ramp and lakeFortress, tower and GalateaBogartSparrowhawk, Four peaks of Lougheed and Allen in frontBryant and FisherInteresting rocks(Olistoliths) on ridge between 427439 and 412443Tiara backsidePB050019 (Custom)PB050020 (Custom)PB050022 (Custom)PB050023 (Custom)Bryant from 427439 in 2010