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Devils Head East face from Blackrock - see full trip report om SummitpostMain Peak route from west peakpicture courtesy of Jason Wilcox. Best picture I have ever seen of the South-SE side of Devil's Head. The sun and snow provides lots of contrast and the gullies show up very well.Devils Head from SE showing approx routes. Picture courtesy of Jason Wilcox. Gary and I went over the west summit and rapped to base of pinnacles and then climbed the main summit.  scramble route joinRaff's picture from Aylmer.  The bump in front and to the left is the west summit.Northside- photo from Kananaskis Hiking Trails- Gillean Daffern. We climbed the west summit from SW, then rapped to base of pinnacles.DHsouthside1Southside from further west. Pic courtesy of Jason Wilcox. Shows the gullys as less steep than the previous pics. Scramble route probably starts to left of large pillar in center of picApproaching from SW from Malemute valley which is 5th valley and 5 river xings after bridge. Route in red. west summit is the highpoint on skyline.west summit from base of pinnacles. We reclimbed this on way out.looking down at pinnacles from west summit.from pinnacles. Steep scree gulley comes up here. Pillar at base of route in middle of pic. Route would come up just to skiers RH of pillar. Day trippers now can access by a route up the left/east/1stMain summit from westchimney/gulley had one section of 5.4 over a chockstone with a rap station above and one wall near top was 5.3/5.4 crux. From there it was an easy scramble to top.P6140148From Scott lake hill.dhestfce1dhclr3scan0001scan0003