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Spoon Needle South summit from roadspoon needle from Limestone Mtn - MarkedSpoon Needle Ridge from Fortress RidgeSpoon Needle from Wedge -Summits MarkedSpoon Needle ridge from EastSpoon Needle from Lawson (Large)South summit from North20211008_131305 (2) (Large)20211008_131318 (2) (Large)Knife edge before South Summit20211008_124631 (2) (Large)20211008_124702 (2) (Large)20211008_124854 (2) (Large)Knife edge bypass - very looseLimestone, LimeWedge and Wedge20211008_125009 (2) (Large)Exposure to West on knife edge20211008_125056 (2) (Large)20211008_125340 (2) (Large)Fortress