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Afternoon pic - shows Storm Mountain Firebreak and valley we went up. Note pointy peak at back of valley.Parked in ditch and walked back to firebreakStorm Mountain Firebreak -Carried skis down ditch, across stream and then skied from there. Ski crampons useful - icy.Hard freeze (-10 C) so icy - used ski crampons3 steps in break - Near top of firebreak - went left on a cleared trail over to drainage - ski trees along creek into valley.Could stay in trees or move out in avi paths on South sideOut of trees in 2 hrsmiddle part of valley - note point ahead. Left for storm or right - high valley to col beside point.P5110998heading for StormP5111000Rounding corner into lower bowl on storm - note old avi debris.Angling up to right - aim for middle bowl in shade - about 3 hrs to here.Pobably 900 to1000 m to go(out of 1500m)P5111003Cliffs, cornices and avi risk on left side if hot.Heading for bowl or ridge on StormMiddle slopes/bowl - rock hard due to good freeze.P5111007Top - about 6 hrs - temple - LL groupP5111011BallStanley