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See summitpost Trip report for better writeupStephen - scramble through rock band and summit block is abovestephen_topo1Summit block -went around right to easier angle and up ridge until ends at wall above snow gully.Ancient piton with welded binerOn ridge below wall - climb down and cross over snow gulley to acess bottom of slanted groove.Sonny/vern jumped the gap and went up/down just to left along the small crest. We went down 5 m to right and stepped across the gap above the snow gully and walked along ledge at base of pic to bottomsummit ridge.Start of summit ridge.Field from top - expected hot day so we left at 4:30 by headlamp and were on top in 6 hours.Going back to shed on top - door auto locksSuprise Heli visit - lightning strike repairsstarting down along summit ridge - narrow and 2 km drop on RH side.Stephen ridgeGary along summit ridgeDownclimbing the end of the summit ridgescramble down to notch at top of wallbelow notch - at top of wall and then follow ridge up to left. Probably could have also scrambled around to the right and over the bump above.Gary starting down diagonal grooveDiagonal groove on wall - snow gully below - gap is just off pic to right.P8210036