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Inglismaldie from a bench on the westside of the creek on the way out.No such view from the creekbed.Route on pic # 7.Started on trail from bend in road beside sign which says stay out of this area. after 10 min we were here.An open spot in the creek bedAt the junctionLooking left up the descent gully from the junction. See # 25 for us coming down to this corner.Looking right from junction. we went right around this to gain ridge above the headwall.Inglismaldieroute1Coming up onto ridgeP7090084cree on ridge - went around right and up to left edge of summit block where upper snow points and around left onto scrappy ledges which lead to summit.F1000020Summit Kevin(on phone), Phil, Blanka, Parry and Mike.P7090086AylmerF1000018P7080101AylmerP7080105Boats on MinewankaGirouard