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Ski Sled for glacier travel -camp tripsCan Tire Krazy Carpet- 6 grommets-5 mm cord and 4 straps with buckles - maybe $7 and all less than 200 gmsOutdoor Research #6 Hydroseal Bag - 55L - 176 gms NOTE 30 L bag is betterOnly need 1-2 feet behind tails of skis. Should have a cross cord for easy grab to manhandle sled. and tail rope for friend if going down.Four sets of grommets best and smaller 30 L bag then can roll up sides. Paracord works good too.Lots of room for group heavy gear - tent, stove, fuel, food. Note 30 L bag betterNote knot in cord puts pulling stress on front grommets May not hold up or last but cheap enough to replace carpet every trip. Should add 0ne more set of grommet +straps middle/backIn deeper soft snow this mostly runs in ski track.  Hardpack it will skitter along on downhill side.Idea is to pull heavy items on way up - roll up carpet and bag and attach to pack on way down. Will have less bulk without food.. Could have another grommet+strap by OR symbolCan have a cord off back so second skier could help keep sled in track in difficult terrain./downhillPB070064Use an ultalight MP3 case for bear bangers and flares - added a strap so can clip the pen on outside.Case, pen and flares-bangers weigh 130 gms. Bangers are orange-flares are red. Case clips to pack shoulder strap.