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Blanket Mountain in setting sunP3010024_01P3010023_01Caribou ridge col - day three - MonLes, Greg, Jamie and JeffAndy and LesRH big couloir150 m high ~ 40? degree at rolloverLH smaller couloirIcy entrance - narrower - come out on glacier - that hole is 20+ mSkinning up to VortexScott and Blanket from NEGlacier on NE of Blanket has too many holes to ski.Blanket summit blockSki up ramp on edge of shadow from right to left to gain final east ridge.Glacier on NE side of Blanket - lots of big holesOn up to VortexP3010021P3010022_01P3010024P3010028P3010029P3010030P3010032Above the clouds - Big Apple is point to left - Begbie is to right.