Zenfolio | Bill Kerr | ifly Hollywood - Indoor Sky Dive Video and pics

ifly Hollywood - indoor sky dive - waiting my turnCross your arms and fall forward - twin 400 hp fans simulate free falling.Hand signals - straighten legs - moves you forward vs bentSimple center of gravity vs center of lift - same with armsOne minute = about 10,000 feet of freefallLos Angeles-20120403-00238Tandem spins and stuntsLos Angeles-20120403-00241Los Angeles-20120403-00248Los Angeles-20120403-00249One to two minutes at a time - by 3 rd minute it was easy to be stableForward - back and turning was fun too.Los Angeles-20120403-00253It would take dozens of jumps to get in 5 minutes of freefall time._534057Takes about 1 minute to fall 10,000 feet.