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Fisher S ridge in 2011 for comparisonScramble route mostly off ridge on S face.Upper vally in July 2011 high snow yearP7050470Upper valley dry - low snow yearGood trail up climbers LH side bypasses headwall with waterfall.Trail leads to scree slope to colscree slope to col around buttress and up to left. Note yellow/black markers.Col - stay in gully on way up. Avoid ledges to RH side as pillars on ridge to right of col.Above col on South Face trailsFollow trail and yellow/black markersS face - zig zag trails/ledges - lots of cairns and Markers.Ridge narrows but follow cairns trails up and right onto ridgeP7100070Some moderate scramble moves on LH side of ridge to gain summit ridgeNote bolt and black rap ring above Kevin's head. Was another bolt 15 m higher.LH side of summit ridge. Summit 20 m past big blocks.P7100071Stanley Cup has been up here twice Scott Niedermayer 2000 Devils + 2007 DucksUnique metal sign and ammo case for registerSteeplesSmoke - could barely see Cranbrook