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Assoc route1PA250081Rockband 1 - use either LH ramp on skylinewe followed a sheep trail around to here but could have gone up earlier to left end of RB 1.RB1, a bit of right end of RB 2 and 3 here. Went around RH end of RB2- up slope to right of snow gully to sunny patch.This and nxt 3 picsJust above rockband 1 and on talus -PA250084PA250083PA250087Rock band 2 - went just right of snow gully and walked around right endsnow was hard and frozen so we passed.PA250089Rockband 3 with ice climbWent on LH side of outcrop but just snow and scree as rockband 3 peters out here.PA250092PA250093PA250094About 5 hours to top - (wasted 30+ min on route finding)Association HillNote cutlines and trails -see first pic