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Harney Peak - highest point east of rockies 7244 ft - leisurely 2 hrs up but start early due to heatStarted at Sylvan lake -took trail #9 for 3.8 miles ~1500 ft elev gain -came back on trail # 4Hard rock - Granite, etc - large quartz seams and old gold minesP7260311P7260313P7260318Black Hills popular with Euro tourists because of Deadwood and wild western culture.One German teenager was on his cellphone bragging to friends back home.Can't see anything as high in 360 degrees as rockies hundreds of miles to West-SWTop of the world - can see 4 statesVery rugged stone/cement construction to withstand extreme weather.Could see the curvature of the earthBackside of mount rushmoreLots of dead trees - pine beetle - need a fire.P7260327P7260328P7260329Really popular despite over 33 C before noon and a Monday. Can be hundreds on weekends.Most people were well prepared but some came with no hat or sunglasses and only a bottle of pepsi!P7260333