Zenfolio | Bill Kerr | Gap Mountain Sept 9, 2017

Treed Ridge Trail came out above low point in col versus old trail. (pic from some other year)Traveled alongside drainage or in it until split then went up trail to left  in treesTrail up left on ridge in trees. 770m and 6 km RTRelentlessly steep but good steps.Eventually followed game trail to right to come out above colLarches turning already.DSC09945_v1 (Large)Looking up at kane crux area.DSC09948_v1 (Large)Looking back at Kane crux - we went a little high but no issues.Kane crux - small footholds and exposureWent up switchback trails angling left to ridge. Some moderate moves but not necessary.Follow left ridge to summit ridge or cross ledges to right to gain summit ridge later. Cairns.Register - solo ascent by Gary in 2001P9090402 (Large)looking NorthWintourTowards highwoodP9090406 (Large)South end of ridge