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Tiara_trackTiara profile - about 8.5 hours with lots of routefinding, sitting and eating. About 1350 m total gain.2007_06_17_114606On the way up to a col west of Belmore Browne. Could not have done trip without a GPS.On ridge scrambling up B. Browne.Kevin on B. Browne East peak - Gary is bump right of Kevin's shoulder on west peak.Kevin scouts first gully on Tiara - too wet and loose.We went left in snow to second gully. Gary near topKevin coming up second gully. Very loose and wet.Very loose and wet, a great scamble though, it would be nice try in the sun so we can actually see what we were doing.Great GPS guiding Bill.On top.P6160052We came down SW slopes and around back to North corner of Tiara which was third class but hard to route find in the clouds/fog. Gps made it easier. We then went back along ridge to Daffern's bailoff pLooking down from last photo. follow drainage down and around left back to creek we followed into B. Browne.Tele of B Browne from creek on way out.See gap between east and west peak.We would have gone staight up ridge on way in if we could have seen anything.Belmore Browne from creek on way out.Best start point is old logging road that starts here. Park spot is 200 m further south.P6160067Enlargement of Tiara from road. We came to North(righthand) edge at top of snow and went along base for 50 m to gully which took us to top. Came off backside SW slopes and around south and east sidesTele of Tiara from road at end of day.Came down snow gully on far right.