Zenfolio | Bill Kerr | Willow Creek Ridge March 28, 2017

trail up 4th ridgeWillow Creek Ridge (5th ridge)White storm wall off to westIMG_20170318_103654 (Large)IMG_20170318_104938 (Large)IMG_20170318_104949 (Large)Came from lakeIMG_20170318_104943 (Large)IMG_20170318_105352 (Large)IMG_20170318_105400 (Large)Dave wc 6 (Large)IMG_20170318_111815 (Large)IMG_20170318_111820 (Large)IMG_20170318_111825 (Large)Did 4 fencesChain Lakes - lots of ice fishingDave wc4 (Large)artistic shot of wietse and me as we come across lake. Used our micro spikesIMG_20170318_125151 (Large)Like a day at the beach +14C