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Yamnuska - alternate scramble along top of ridge and around cable section - After pass through slot in east end immediately scramble left up 30 ft groove to ledges and gain east ridge and follow ridgeRight after the downclimb there are two bumps which the normal scramble trail bypasses. The first is easily scrambled and the second is about 5.3.Back of Yam from Wendell - the cable section is on left of pic in the first notch and the two bumps are just to the right of the section on the side of bump with horizontal snow. Hardest upclimb on ridge traverse is second bump coming out of the sharp second notch.This pic is some guys on the cable traverse and is taken from the top of one of the bumps.P6140154P6140154_1P6140155P6140156P6140158P6140171FisherGoat ntraverseStart or finish of goat traversP6140173P6140178P6140184Goat traverse from wendell