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P6020286slabs - best to stay close to ridge. Three women ahead of us.Looking back at highway. We parked right at end of ridge versus by entrance to Lime plant and stuck on the rock or on the ridge crest.Loder from Doorjam- Yam to sideGaryLooking back at doorjamFrom top of Loder. About 1.5 hours.View to southwestFour peaks of Lougheed with Sparrowhawk peaking over.From Loder looking along ridge. The 3 women were doing the traverseDetail on ridgeP6020258Followed a scree on slab trail down off Loder until found this easy downclimb. From cairn and tree slanting up to right.The climb right on the ridge below Loder looked easy enough from below but exposed.Looking back up the drainage we came down. Loder on right. No cairns but bits of trail and signs of passage. I don't think many hikers go up this way.P6020268Upper canyon - Pools in the carbonate rock by the unconformity (the false fault)P6020272P6020274P6020276