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Prairie Bluff - East Castle Area by Pincher Creek. This was all white at start of day. 8 km RT 730 mSummit is far right. From end of day so Snow mostly melted. Went up ridge and around to left to bypass buttress.on the way up ridgeIMG_20170422_113142 (Large)Next ridge to west had a well on topWent up through rocks and along RH side of ridge.IMG_20170422_115112 (Large)IMG_20170422_115137 (Large)Pincher ridge - all whiteVictoria peaks over ridge to west.Me - every thing is white but melting fast. Chief mtn on horizon.impressive cornices - note respectful distance well back from rock edge.Dave 5Pincher ridge and victoriaP4220087 (Large)VictoriaCastleShell Gas PlantP4220095 (Large)Crowsnest