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Blanket Glacier - in the Monashees south of Revelstoke. Heli in/out and backcountry ski - 15 years out of the last 21. Started on tele gear and now AT. Photo - Pat FentonMisc pics from misc years -Blanket Chalet 90'sGreat day to do the peak. There are 5-6 peaks to do as well as great skiing.It snows 15 to 40 feet here so it isn't always sunny. Lots of good tree skiing though.DSCN2919DSCN2952DSCN2969DSCN2975DSCN2976DSCN2989Tracks on glacierDSCN3000DSCN3052DSC_0030Great tele pic - Pat's photoDSC_0096DSC_0114DSC_0116DSC_0129AT gear on glacier - not as deep as some years but still sweet skiing.