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Lipalian bowl22 hours from fish park lot to top chair - 45 min to top of Lipalian.(1050 m) We were going to do Pumpkin traverse but high winds/new snow laying down slabs. Ski line to right of shade/sun line.New snow so we could skin all the way up. About top of Elevator Shaft and going up to bowl. See signLipalian Mountain - bowl above Larch Chair/ above Elevator shaft run Kevin starts down.Wide angle doesn't look as steep.  See first pic for perspective on line.Surprisingly good powder on a firm baseTele shot of Ptarmigan which shows ski route up. Looks steep from this angle.Low rocky ridge leading down left off purple peak is wolverine ridge. Left of ridge and down out of sight is Purple bowl where some of the powder 8 championships have been held.Looking north to purple peak(rocky bump)to right and Unity(with rock band) behind and to left of center. Pumpkin traverse goes along ridge and over purple and then down to NE and along RH side of ridgTelephoto of Unity. Need to go across steep slopes and around cliffband on RH side and over ridge and down steep lee slope on North side to pass by East side of Redoubt.Kevin - looking west back along Lipalian summit ridge. Ski area in distance.Rain at Canmore but we lucked out with a few sunny breaks.Looking back east along summit ridge.Looking down at top of Larch chair.Temple - LL ski tripHectorpic of Ptarmigan ski run - better angleUpper part of RichardsonPtarmiganImprovement District No_ 9-20120205-00178