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First clear view of the col(40 min) although passed a boulder field which was too early. If leave trail here you can angle right and eventually hit correct gulley.Two best gulley run beside each other up to the col although the right one has a trail in it. The boulder field is 1 or two gulleys too far left. The gulley from the log bridge is too far right and roTerrible crap to go up. We stayed off the down trail and tried to go with bigger junk that didn't move as much. Walked the slabs - don't take your full shank boots.P7080053P7080054P7080045Assiniboine - N ridge - most of route is not visible from this angle.lots of slab.P7080058Slab - the rough stuff was easier than the smooth but more crap on it.Shows true angle. Trust your boots.More slabs lower down.Alternate ascent/descent route. Shortest - most direct but would land you a dusty 3.5 km from your car if you came up the trail. Why only one sentence on this?direct gulley on west side.Gulley from road. If I was doing this again this would be much faster.