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Promo picture- dolomite peak 4 looking south over peak 5 and lefroy and Vic in distance.Chephren gulley shortcutchephren11crop1Chephren_gulley_shortcutcrop1Chephren_gulley_shortcutcrop2Can just see the top of the snow gulley slanting left just above tree line. From top of gully angle up to join Kane route or traverse to snow route. Note the righthand end of the long thin low wall thNote long thin wall at top of tree line and grass line.Long thin wall leads all the way across to the snow route although it looks like it does angle down to left. Not sure how much elevation loss across mountain but may be able to stay above it and minimChepyren_035_1Chephren - good telephoto of summit.Gary's pic. Kane route through rockbands is mostly visible.Shows angle on gully is not that steep.All the rest are Gary's pics from 2005.White pyramid from Chephren. Not as steep as it looks here but I think I will ski up the other side.Chephren_007Chepyren_008Tiara Peak from Powderface TrailTiara peak in front of Bogart from Calgaryromulusroute23458_romulus